In Historic Death Valley Junction,
Marta Becket's Legacy Lives On

Cool stories about Marta, Death Valley Junction, and the community that thrives at the eastern gateway of Death Valley.

National Geographic

Marta shares her tale of discovering Death Valley Junction in a January 1970 National Geographic story.

Life Magazine

"On opening night, Feb. 10, 1968 (gross: $11.25), the audience was interspersed with coffee cans to catch drips from a leaky roof. It rains only two inches a year, usually during performances."

Marta's legacy lives on

More than a half century after Marta breathed her life and vision into Death Valley Junction, artists converge on the Opera House to celebrate art in the desert.

Visit California

"It’s very important to preserve what Marta has done ... hopefully people will go on and make art themselves."

Travel Nevada

"Only a stones throw away from the Nevada state line, we’re going to go ahead and claim this one as an honorary #WeirdNevada."

Becket’s saga a tale of survival

"In some way, the visions of Becket the artist have become larger than the woman. It's become a phenomenon of international proportions."

Atlas Obscura

"One of the most unusual hotels in America."

Last Song in Death Valley Junction

"For her final show, Marta decides not to perform a single opera, as she would have on a typical night, and opts instead to perform her favorite songs from the ones she’s written while in Death Valley."

New York Times

"While you have time left, find a place where you can live out your dreams. Even if it is on top of a mountain or in the middle of a desert."

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